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Dan L. Carter
Deputy Superintendent External Affairs and Policy

2062 Twin Towers East
205 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30334
 (404) 651-7562
 (404) 656-0966

Judy Konrath
Administrative Assistant

 (404) 651-7562
 (678) 717-6536

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Office of External Affairs and Policy

AskDOE, the State School Superintendent's Helpdesk, serves as an information resource for parents, students, educators, and the general public. Working collaboratively with all of the Georgia Department of Education staff, the AskDOE team provides quality assistance and information on a wide variety of educational issues, including state education laws, rules, and initiatives in grades K-12.

The communications division is responsible for developing a strategy to effectively communicate and gain support for K-12 education in Georgia. They work with local, state, and national media outlets as well and communicate directly with educators, parents, the business community, and many other stakeholders.

Excellence Recognition

Charter Schools
Charter schools are public schools that operate according to the terms of a charter, or contract, that has been approved by a local board of education and the State Board of Education.

Policy coordinates the development of policy, research and evaluation projects for the Department and works in accordance with Federal Policy and Programs.

Governmental Affairs
The Governmental Affairs division acts as the primary liaison between the Department of Education and the legislature, business community, and various educational organizations such as the Georgia School Superintendents Association, Georgia School Boards Association, Georgia Association of Educational Leaders, and Regional Education Service Agencies.