Maintaining and supporting Georgia school facilities.
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Facilities Services Resources

To Access any State Laws (O.C.G.A.) Relating to Educational Facilities click on this link:

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General Overview
O.C.G.A. 20-2-260 Capital Outlay
O.C.G.A. 20-2-262 Low Wealth
O.C.G.A. 20-2-291 Construction of Facilities for Voluntary Consolidation
FD 160-5-4-.01 Educational Facilities Construction Plan (Local Facilities Plan)
FFE 160-5-4-.04 Special Appropriation for Public School Construction
FEB 160-5-4-.08 School Size
FEDB 160-5-4-.16 Educational Facility Site, Construction, and Reimbursement
FGAD 160-5-4-.11 Architectural Contracts and Fees
Information Information for Charter Schools
State Funding of Facilities
FED(2) 160-5-4-.03 Applications for State Capital outlay Funding
FFF(1) 160-5-4-.02 Entitlement (Regular and Exceptional Growth) Funding Requests and Required Local Participation
FFF(3) 160-5-4-.05 Regular Advanced and Low-Wealth Funding
FFF(4) 160-5-4-.14 Sparsity Grant
FFF(5) 160-5-4-.20 Incentive Advanced Funding
Guideline 7 Guideline for Construction Reimbursement Rates
Guideline 9 Guideline for Using Prototypical Educational Facility Designs
Educational Facility Site
O.C.G.A. 3-3-21 Alcohol Sales Near Educational Facilities
O.C.G.A. 16-11-127.1 School Safety Zone
O.C.G.A. 20-2-520 School Sites and Buildings – Powers of Local Board
Guideline 1 Guideline for Compliance with the Standards and Criteria of the National Flood Insurance Program
Guideline 5 Guideline for Risk hazard Assessment of Educational Facilities
Guideline 6 Guideline for Educational Facility Site Selection
Architectural Review
O.C.G.A. 20-2-261 Common Minimum Facility Requirements
O.C.G.A. 25-2-14 Fire Protection and Safety
FED(1) 160-5-5-.10 Approval of Plans and Specifications
IDDF (14) 160-4-7-.14 Personnel, Facilities, and Caseloads
Guideline 2 Guideline for Public Educational Facility Construction
Guideline 3 Guideline for Submission of Documents for Review of Planning, Bidding, and Construction of Educational Facilities
Guideline 4 Guideline for Square Footage Requirements for Educational Facilities
Information CTAE Lab Size Requirements
Bidding Requirements
O.C.G.A. 36-91-20, 21, 22, 40, 51, 52, 53 Public Works Act
FGC 160-5-4-.18 Bidding Requirements for School Capital Outlay Projects
Guideline 10 Guideline for Reimbursement on State Funded Projects
Guideline 8 Guideline for Receiving State Capital Outlay Funds
Information Reimbursement Information for School Systems
Checklist Checklist for Architectural Fees
Checklist Contract Document Checklist for Reimbursement
Document Mandatory Architect Addendum
Document Sample Publishers Affidavit
Document Website Advertisement
Document Certificate of the Contractor (DE Form 0263)
Document Schedule of Values
Document Architectural Certification
Document Asbestos Exclusion Certificate
Document Certificate of the Board of Education
Sample Resolutions
Document New Five Year Facilities Plan
Document Extension of Current Facilities Plan
Document Modification of the Current Facilities Plan
Document Revision of an Application for State Funds
Document Phasing-Out of a Facility
Document Reopening a Closed Facility