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Kathy Carrollton
Program Manager, Professional Learning

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Professional Learning Unit Credits

A PLU is a unit of credit based on 10 contact hours of formal instruction or its equivalent (preparation phase) and on verification that the intent of the formal instruction has been implemented on the job (on-the-job performance phase) or on mastery verification conducted during the preparation phase.

The minimum contact time for one PLU activity shall be 10 contact hours (one PLU). Training activities for more than one PLU shall be in multiples of 10 contact hours. Partial PLUs or fractions of PLUs may not be awarded. No more than eight contact hours of instruction shall be conducted per day with a maximum of four PLUs earned per week.

Application and Credit Program Approval (Comprehensive Plan for PLU Credit)

In order to assist with the completion of the Comprehensive Plan we have provided the following item:

  1. The state rules (160-3-3-.04 Professional Learning and 160-3-3-.10 Professional Learning Unit (PLU) Program Approval for plan applications). These rules (guidelines) include definitions and the components required for a comprehensive plan and for addendum for actual courses.
  2. A sample Comprehensive Plan including model forms. This template is to be used as a guide.
  3. A sample template of the Comprehensive Plan addendum, or "snap-on" (Sample #1). The Addendum is the actual course/activity being offered under the Comprehensive Plan.
  4. Copies of the checklists (Comprehensive Plan Checklist | Addendum Checklist). These checklists are used by the staff in Professional Learning Services to evaluate the Comprehensive Plan and Addenda. These checklists will give an idea of what is expected and the general order of items in the plan or addenda.

Your "Comprehensive Plan for Professional Learning Unit (PLU) Credit" will be processed in three - four weeks.

Your course/program addendum ("snap-on") must be submitted three weeks prior to the first day of your activity.

If you have further questions, please direct these to:

Jimmy Kennedy
Professional Learning Specialist
1870 Twin Towers East
205 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30334
Tel: (404) 657-2951
Fax: (404) 651-5264

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Rule 160-3-3-.04: Professional Learning
Rule 160-3-3-.10: PLU Credit
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